Daryling K!

Can you believe this is a Resort collection? I almost fell off the computer chair when I saw this! I mean look at the minimalisticness of it all, how did Daryl K know exactly what I wanted?

I love how clean it looks, especially all the black and grey. The look on the left has the classic dark sweater dress I have been looking for. Those light orangesicle peep toes are the only pop of color needed.

These are the much lighter and brighter pieces. The slouchyness of the tops make them work for summer but they could easily be transitioned into a fall wardrobe. Those orange suede pants make me drool. Did you notice that the girl in the middle looks like a tiny person? I think thats fault of my picture editor!


Boot Porn

I thought I’d post some nice photos of marvelous boots. It’s summer but it doesn’t feel like it here in Southern California. Boots would go well with this cloudy weather.

How Sui-t!!!!!

As you may or may not know I am absolutely in LOVE with Anna Sui. Her fall 2010 ready-to-wear collection is the fun bohemian chic that she is known for. The prints, textures, and shoes speak for themselves. My personal favorites were the dresses and how they had a very boyish, straight cut, much like the flapper dresses of the 1920’s. The dress on the left though, accentuates all the right places.

Anna Sui RTW Fall 2010

I love the look to the left because of how youthful but classy it looks. I definitely image wearing it to the office, polished but unique and full of personality. The look to the right reminds me of the chilliness that comes with fall. You want to be warm but not look like an eskimo, this look has that warmth but with style.

Anna Sui RTW Fall 2010

Oh, and did I mention the tights? Really how can you not fall in love with this collection?

Living the French Life

I’m planning to move to France after high school. It seems very far away from everything here. French living seems so intriguing, so much more je ne se quoi. I love america but it’s to uptight. I think america could loosen up a bit and let its hair down, just relax and go with the flow.
I wouldn’t mind eating baugettes either.

its not me

Buahaha haha I’ve taken over this blog¤ at least until she makes me go get the mail.

love this girl

I absolutely love this girl’s hair and her out fit. The orange is just such a good… POP!

Go Fuck Yourself

There’s this girl in 3 of my classes. She has pink and black hair and wears band tee’s and skinny jeans. During english she starts saying “fuck mainstream! I HATE mainstream! I’m underground, you guys don’t know what that is!” etc. So then I’m fighting every fiber in my being to slap this girl and scream at the top of my lungs ” YOUR THE MOST MAINSTREAM THING IN HERE!” But I believe in freedom of speech so I’m going to let her keep on talking, or until I throw something at her.