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I will begin blogging again but not here. The new page is It is not so fashion focused but merely my thoughts sprinkled witha few photos/art pieces here and there.


Balmain Spring 2011

I saw this collection and right way I felt a need to grab the scissors and the safety pins and jump head first into my closet.

Balmain R-T-W Spring 2011 pictures courtesy of


I got Urban Outfitters‘ newsletter and was really excited that they recreated the makeup looks for some of the best cult classic beauties. My favorite by far is Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice. I have been in love with Lydia ever since I saw Beetlejuice when I was 5.

I originally thought of being Beetlejuice himself for Halloween but couldn’t find striped pants in girl sizes. So now I’m thinking I should just be Lydia, it wouldn’t be hard to pull off since I practically dress like Lydia everyday.

The famous red wedding dress. Man I just love that song ” shake, shake, shake sonora!”

The Bike Song

Now this should motivate me to fix my bike.

Pretty Now a days

I saw this photo while I was googling “short hair straight bangs”. I am in love.


Cycling past your thoughts

I really want a bike. At this point any bike would do, even ugly and rusty would be great. But I wouldn’t mind a beautiful vintage bike either. When I walk past a chained up bike I contemplate stealing it, this is when I know I’m desperate.