You smell like a flower… how sickening

Yes, I am at the moment typing, as you can see. I am covered in a blanket because for some strange reason Southern California decided to be cold today. Anyways back to my story. Exactly a week ago from today my family and I went to the Getty Museum. I saw a deer. Oh yeah, I also saw paintings.

img_2139img_2143I really thought the old lady was funny.

img_2212img_2243img_2246I can imagine  her saying ” FREAK! Stop trying to poke me!”


This painting above was especially huge. It was about 9 feet up and 16 feet across!


I want her coat.


Look at all those ruffles.

I was so hungry. I hadn’t eaten in like 5 hours! So when I got home I was eternally grateful for the soup.



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