The City

So I just started watching The City online. It’s centered around Whitney Port, you know, the girl from The hills. Well yeah, I really do like it more than its previous contender . I mean The Hills was so into their lives that it just felt a bit to intrusive. (Thats reality t.v., right?) What I really like about this show though, is that its equally centered on fashion just as much as it is centered on the characters’ lives.

Ok so let’s talk about the gals! I really think that Whitney started out a bit too California, but she quickly caught on and she’s on the right step.


Olivia Palermo is the socialite of the show. Her style reminds me of Old Hollywood glamour and class. I would not imagine her style to falter, ever.


And then there is Erin Lucas. Here style I very much like because it’s fun and quirky. She’s very “life is to short!”

I couldn’t find any pictures of her alone that I really liked.



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