Today I Can Pronounce

Proudly that I am an american. I know that americans don’t have the best reputation, but watching the inauguration filled me with joy. I felt like running around  singing the national anthem! Yes I am an american.

While I was watching the inuaguration I was also paying attention to the outfits. Yes it was cold, so it was mostly long coats and scarves. And while everyone was waiting to see what Michelle Obama would wear, I watched Malia and Sasha Obama. 


Could they be anymore fashionable? I mean look at them! How sweet are their coats with ribbon? Yes I will take some inspiration from the First Daughters. I also will give Michelle props for being so bold and choosing yellow. I don’t think we”ll have anything to worry about if something fashion-related goes wrong in the White House while these fashionable ladies are in charge. 



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