If I had a Timemachine

I would go back to the late 1800’s and have my hair styled. My hair would be cut and curled to perfection.I would wear the floor grazing skirts with delight. My blouse would have a ridiculous sea of ruffles. Yes that I would love, but since I can’t seem to find a time machine it simply is not possible.

I wonder if any one has become tired of the side-swept bang trend? By golly I have! With so many young women being able to see out of only one eye, it’s a wonder there isn’t a tremendous increase in accidents! I miss parted hair. Oh how I long for the hair style of the young miss below.


I can only stand by with this straight hair, while others with bouncy and delicious curls complain about having to wake up before the sun to fry theirs straight. I would get a perm if I wasn’t so afraid of the damage. Yes medium-sized curls and a hairstyle like the one above. So I say to those dames with the curls “Embrace the body and bounce of your hair!” or just keep on frying it.


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