I Fell In love With a Girl

Well her hair and her style. I was browsing NEET Magazine when I hit her spread.


Yes! It is miss Lucia Holm! Ah you clever child, here’s a cookie.

Anywho she’s the photographer, Miss Lulu  & The Teaspoon Shortage on Flickr. Ah-maz-ing photographer, beautiful and obscure all in one. What really bewitched me was the HAIR! Could bangs be anymore beautiful? Well after I finally picked myself up off the floor (so dazzled I fell) I realized that her fashion style was equally appealing. You can take a look at her work here.

As you probably can tell the picture quality sucks (I took a picture of the computer screen). Alas, the photo and all the rights belong to Lucia Holm and NEET magazine.

I have, on other matters, made a resolution to post everyday. Well I can try can’t I? Ok the longest I can not-post is two days. Sound like a deal? I can see your smile through the screen. Now this means I have to make a camera case.

Au revoir readers


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