Well today was my day to register for high school. It was a bit nerve wracking but fun to see people again! Not that i haven’t been seeing humans ( as if I was locked in a cage all summer ), its just that I’ve been hanging out with the same ones all summer long.

Any who my brother was just asking if I was going to post an introduction, or “christening post” (as my sister would say), so I guess i will write a short paragraph as to why I’ am starting a blog.

First off i have to much to say and no one that could really pay attention for too long ( my family has a short attention span ), and since i have been itching to put my thought in text, why not start a blog? And I’ am going into high school, so I’m hoping to soak myself with knowledge like sponge! I’ am to be so saturated with knowledge that it will leak into this blog (interesting knowledge only of course)!

So I think that’s all for this “christening post” (oh Andrea your funny). My mother is calling for help with the making of soy burgers, so away I go!


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